Saturday, December 08, 2012

OK Diner is Open

I love taking photos of diners, signs, neons etc. Endless subject matter in the USA but we seem to have far fewer here. Some may say that's may good thing.
Stopped off at the OK Diner on the A1 Northbound near Stamford with the Polaroid 103 Land Camera loaded with Fuji FP100c instant film

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Sunday, December 02, 2012

By Ramsey Hollow - Fenland

Another in the Fenland series.
Driving to Ramsey taking the "scenic route" with my Polaroid 250 Land Camerta loaded with Polaroid Polacolor film that had expired in Aug 2000.

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Monday, November 05, 2012

On Tick Fen - Warboys

Our fathers father worked this land and his fathers father too;

We're farmers drainers countrymen and Fenmen through and through;

We've fought the Romans and the Danes and the French men many times,

We've battled against the elements to quell Crowland abbeys chimes. ( ref - Danger Bell )

We've mastered wind and rain, we've controlled the floods and tides,

Tempests storms and cyclones, and snow and ice besides;

We've moulded this flat land into to what it is today,

A jewel in the farming world to everyone's dismay.

A Poem by Rex Sly

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Sunday, November 04, 2012

16 Foot Drain

You walk the roof of the world here.

Only the clouds are higher

And they are not permanent.

Trees are too distant for the wind to reach

And mountains hide below the horizon.

The wind labours through reed

As though they were the final barrier.

Houses and farms cling like crustations

To the black hull of the earth.

Here, you must walk with yourself,

Or share the spirits of forgotten ages

Edward Storey []   Keep It Analogue

Thursday, October 25, 2012

IMPOSSIBLE Camden Market Portraits

When was the last time you visited Camden Market?
I hadnt been there for years. Georgia and I met up with some other Polaroid shooters and spent a great day in this vibrant, busy area - full of market stalls, food stalls, old records, books, antiques - you name it its there. Plus you can wander anlong the canal.
I took the Polaroid SX70 Folding SLR and the SLR690 folding SLR with me and of course these wiers old cameras cause quite a stir. Its much easier to approach these people when you have an unusual talking point to shoot with rather than the common camera phone.
This latst film from THE IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT does not need shielding from the light and is a major development in the re engineering of instant film.

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Monday, October 08, 2012

More Holga Street Moments

There's a moment that often passes me by, a moment when I dont have a camera only the one in my mind. That's OK, it's good to train your mind to see images everywhere you look. But if you have a camera with you, then how much better it is to make that image permanent and share it with others.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Plastic Fantastic

This £30 camera, plastic "toy camera" called the Holga takes 120 film 6cmx6cm negatives. It has a single plastic lens that gives lovely crisp images in the middle and out of focus images at the edges. I used this camera whilst in NYC in August for all my film work.
Here are some of the images printed in the darkroom over the last week.
The Hard Roack Cafe in Time Square

Crossing one of the intersections along broadway heading North from Flatiron to Timesquare

Waiting for the Tour bus to take us on the "Northern loop" tour of Manhatten

Waiting for the bus, this guy walked past and waved